St. John Paul the Great, pray for us!

A friend suggested that I choose a patron saint for Saintly Seasons and I drove home thinking, "How do I pick just ONE? St. Joseph, Our Lady Undoer of Knots....?" And then it struck me - St. John Paul the Great! 

Our culture desperately needs a New Evangelization, which is happening in so many ways, and Saintly Seasons is intended to lend a little support to that great effort of the Church. So, I went online to EWTN and found the quote below - which was a wonderful confirmation of how appropriate it is to ask his help in this endeavor.  St. John Paul the Great ~ Pray for Us!!!

"Finally, a solid catechesis at all levels, especially in the family and among young people, has to follow the announcement of the Good News. The invitation to believe has to be accompanied by timely instruction on all that the Lord has wished to teach us through his Church. It would be an error to catechize without having evangelized previously, just as it would be equally wrong to evangelize without later attending sufficiently to instruction in the faith received. 

The Christian formation through catechesis will lead to a more active participation in the liturgical and sacramental life of the Church. In this way, the simple people will find in this and in the practices of popular piety reasons to be informed about their faith. And thus de-christianized circles will become more open to a new encounter with the Lord, and the proselytizing efforts of the sects will find a brake applied to the ambiguities and the confusion they sow. (emphasis added)

Dear brothers and sisters, I ask the Mother of our Lord Jesus Christ and our Mother whom you invoked with the name of Guadalupe and who was the first woman to receive the Gospel message in order to announce it to others, to serve as the"star of evangelization" which guides you in the faithful carrying out of this mission which the Lord gives you."

Taken from: 
L'Osservatore Romano
Weekly Edition in English
14 May 1990, page 4"